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Let Us Help Clear Your Name with a NC Expungement

Clear Your NameYour record is not automatically erased or expunged with the passage of time. A successful expungement can improve the remainder of your adult life and clear your name.

Below are NC Expungement Testimonials from some clients who discovered their criminal and arrest records could be be expunged with the help of an North Carolina expungement attorney at North Carolina Expungements and James Barrett Wilson and Associates.

We are knowledgeable about North Carolina expungement guidelines and requirements. And remember, if you need a NC Expungement our attorney network serves the entire state no matter where you live in North Carolina. Let us help you clear your name!

“Four years of college was not only hard work, but expensive and put me and my family into debt. I was not even convicted- only arrested back when I was in high school. I felt destroyed and lost hope when they told me I couldn’t take the certification exam. And that meant I could not be hired as a professional. The North Carolina Expungement attorneys at James Barrett Wilson and Associates cleared the way with an expungement. I am not only grateful, but it has made so much difference for the future of my family and kids. There are no words which can accurately express how well this worked out for us.”
– Gordon from Raleigh, NC

“Something that happened long ago held me back from volunteering at my kid’s school and being a regular mom. Now I can be much more involved in their lives. And I didn’t even have to show up in court.”
– Imelda from Greenville, NC

 “I can apply for a job now. It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted.”
– Josh from Fayetteville, NC

“Everyone at North Carolina Expungements were great. I now have my clean record back. My attorney moved quickly and professionally. They also explained it to me so I understood. That made me less unsure. I wish I had done it earlier. It affected life for too long. I would recommend on a high level.”
– Marcellus from Durham, NC

“I tried numerous free clinics and was even told by the court there was no way. So I would like to thank North Carolina Expungements for everything. Glad to finally get all of this taken care of. I recently got laid off and now I can look for another job without all the worry about this popping up again. Huge difference.”
– Anne from Winston-Salem, NC

“There was a domestic charge which I didn’t do was on my record. My children’s father came over and pushed me around instead. But I got arrested! This and something else stupid I did when I was a teen prevented me and my kids a good place to live. Both are now gone off my record and we are now out of my parent’s house. Thank you it has made a happy difference now. It’s a new life.”
– Jelinda from Charlotte, NC

“I really needed help to clear my name. Studied up on the internet and tried it myself and had no clue. It was confusing, man. All I can say is I got my rights to own firearms back. Now I can hunt again with friends and family, but also defend my home. Didn’t cost much too.”
– John from Swan Quarter, NC


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