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Expunge Arrest Records: Is a prior arrest or conviction preventing you from living your life?

Expunge Arrest RecordsNorth Carolinians with mistakes in their pasts are lining up to get their criminal records cleared. The attorneys at North Carolina Expungements have been helping and assisting many of them to Expunge Arrest Records and “Wipe the Slate Clean”. And our attorney network of expungement lawyers serves the entire state of North Carolina. You can live in any of NC’s 100 counties- North Carolina Expungements can help you Expunge Arrest Records. We have had many cases where the client does not even need to appear in court.

Usually, people seek an expungement when housing or a professional license or job has been denied. Are you interested in clearing your criminal record? With North Carolina’s expungement laws you may be able to Expunge Arrest Records. Who hasn’t made mistakes- especially when we were younger? Should those missteps affect your life now? Have past mistakes prevented you from getting a job, housing, or obtaining a professional license? If you are eligible to Expunge Arrest Records, why let past issues affect you and your family today?

If you have an arrest or conviction in your past, you may want to keep it private. The process to Expunge Arrest Records involves asking a judge to seal a court record. If successful, all records of an arrest are removed from public records in North Carolina. We believe and advocate for second chances for hardworking and law-abiding citizens. The attorney network at North Carolina Expungements cover the entire state and may be able to help you “Wipe the Slate Clean” by clearing your criminal record.

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All consultations are confidential. James Barrett Wilson & Associates are part of the Attorney Network of North Carolina Expungements. Contact us today to discuss your criminal charges and get started on expunging your criminal history. Click the button below to get started!

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