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NC ExpungementThe attorney network of North Carolina Expungements covers the entire state. Although our main office is in Winston-Salem, we offer access to attorneys positioned in towns, cities and counties all over North Carolina. We devote a substantial portion of our practice to North Carolina expungement law issues which involve having an underlying conviction removed from your record to restore your rights, and give you greater peace of mind. And get your life back.

In many cases, we can also glean much of what we may need by phone consultation. The North Carolina Expungements team consistently provide understanding and personalized attention to the needs of the clients we serve. And an office visit may not even be necessary. Our expungement practice covers the entire state of North Carolina in both federal and state courts. Our network of attorneys have extensive experience in clearing your name and for a fresh start in life. Don’t you deserve a second chance to put the past behind you and possess one of the most valuable tools required to succeed- a clean record?

Main Office:
James Barrett Wilson and Associates
411 Waughtown Street
Winston-Salem NC 27127


We Are On Your Side and What We Discuss Is Strictly Confidential:

All consultations are confidential. James Barrett Wilson & Associates are part of the Attorney Network of North Carolina Expungements. Contact us today to discuss your criminal charges and get started on expunging your criminal history. Click the button below to get started!

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